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64GB iPhone Prototype or is it Fake?

An iPhone recently surfaced the streets out in Hong Kong, probably a week or two ago. Looking from the pictures of the iPhone 'prototype', it does seem like it could be a possible prototype for Apple as they have used an 'X' on their prototypes as seen on their iPhone 4 prototype that surfaced some time before it was announced. The newly surfaced prototype does look exactly like the iPhone 4, so this new discovery can mean a couple of things:

1. This could be a real prototype.
Apple may have actually tried make the iPhone 4 available in 64GB but for some reason ditched it. It may have been simply that it would have cost too much and the price they would have to sell the device for would be unrealistic. If this is the case, then it is very plausible that we might see a 64GB iPhone 5. Whatever they do, I hope the memory goes up because I know my 32GB iPhone is maxed out easily.

2. The image was photoshopped.
If this photo was photoshopped, it was done by a professional! It would have taken somebody that has a lot of experience using photoshop to carefully edit this so that they didn't square off any of the light reflections on the back of the phone. And to space out the words above and below the 'XXGB' addition would have been a challenge as the current iPhone 4's don't show the capacity on the back of the phone like previous generations. Lastly, when looking in the settings to see the 'About' section of the phone, you can see that it clearly states it has 59.1GB of storage left on the phone. When comparing to the previous phones, this does seem about right as you would have to compensate for the extras that have been put into the phone just to add all of that memory.

These photos really seem more real than fake if you ask me. It seems to me as though Apple has tried to make a 64GB version of the iPhone 4 but then left it for another generation of the phone for whatever reason. It could have been something even just that they didn't want to emplament it on this generation. Either way, I really do hope and pray that Apple does come out with an iPhone with a higher capacity. 32GB just isn't doing it for me anymore!

But of course we're going to have to wait and see until the next WWDC to see what Apple has come out with! But what do you all think, is it real or fake? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!


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