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Google Buying Mobile Music Sync Service, PushLife

Everybody who has an iPhone knows of the Android name. The Android has been increasingly popular, but doesn't hold up to all of the innovation that Apple puts into all of their products. Google has recently bought-out a Canadian mobile music synchronization service, PushLife. Google has willingly poured $25 million to by the company, which was founded by Research in Motion (RIM). PushLife's main service is to offer synchronization with iTunes between devices that were not originally made to be compatible with the program.

According to analysts' assessments, this acquisition will bring the rumor back that Google was preparing their own mobile music service. But as most of us already know, the news that Google was bringing Google Music Sync on Android smartphone was rumored a long time ago.

Either way, Google stated that the acquisition done to PushLife is not just only about the music sync technology, but rather the highlights the development team at PushLife, who judging, are very talented.

But like every other buy-out and rumor that starts, only time will tell whether or not they will hold true. But who knows, maybe Google is trying to give Apple a run for their money. Whether they are trying to or not, I know Steve Jobs isn't happy about Google's Android as he stated, "I don't know why Google jumped in the the phone industry. We didn't get into the search industry."


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