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iPhone Notifications

Notifications on your iPhone can be a great thing, but can also lead to some very annoying sounds and unwanted updates. Most apps in the App Store now come with a notifications feature that automatically is turned on.

To turn off notifications for an app or two, simply got to you Settings >Notifications and then select the apps that you want to turn notifications off for. If you don't want to turn off all notifications for an app, you don't have to! You do have the option to turn off some of the different ways to notify you, while keeping others on. There are three different options for this: badges, alerts, and sounds.

Badges are what you see on your home screen on the top right corner of an app when there is a notification for that specific app. I like to keep this option turned on mainly for my apps that I use but aren't important enough to have be alerted by a sound or something that'll pop up on screen.

Alerts are like what happens when you recieve a text, just without the sound. An alert will show up on your screen whether you phone is locked or you are in the middle of doing things. I use the 'Alert' option mainly for my social networking apps that I tend to use more.

This option is exactly what you think it is: sounds. Leaving this option on will alert you with a quick sound (or vibrate, depending on your ringtone volume) to let you know that you have a notification awaiting. Again, I mainly use this option for my social networking apps that I tend to use a lot more. I don't feel like this option is necessary for apps that I rarely use.


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