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New iPhone User Tips

Talk to anybody that you know that has an iPhone and they will surely say that it's a phone like no other. But when you're converting to the iPhone from any ordinary phone can be a long, hard adjustment if you don't have experience using an iPhone or iPod touch. If you're a new to the iPhone community, here are some tips that will help you get started with your new phone.
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  • Multitasking
    • Using multi-tasking on the your iPhone is a very simple task, but can be very hard to come by if you don't already know how to use it. This feature is used, simply, to navigate between recently opened apps quickly without having to go through your home screen. To use multi-tasking, simply double-tap the "Home" button at any time. You will know that you tapped it fast enough when you see the screen slide up and a row of four recently opened apps. Although you can only see four apps at a time, just like the home screen, you can scroll back and fourth to see more recent apps. If you scroll to the left, you can even use some of your iPod controls; such as: play/pause, forward, backward, and even volume.
  • Text tips
    • Texting on the iPhone, when you are not used to it, can be a major hindrance. Here are a couple quick tips to help you to learn how to text on your new phone. 
      • Periods. There are a few different ways to add a period to your text. You can do the old fashioned way of going to the symbols screen and hit the "." button; or you can do the quick, easier way of double-tapping the spacebar. By double-tapping the spacebar, a period will be automatically inserted.
      • Predicted Text. No matter where you type on your iPhone, you will always be given some predicted words that the iPhone predicts for you. Sometimes this can be more of a bother than anything but is really useful when typing longer words or words that you're not too sure how to spell. Simply just tap the spacebar or the word that you want to enter. If you don't want to add the word, either keep typing your word or tap the "x" next to the predicted word.
  • Folders
    • Whoever it was that thought of adding folding to the home screen was a genius (in my opinion)! Apple has created the home screen so that you can group apps together by category, or in any way you want. By putting your apps together in folders helps you to keep your home screen organized and minimizes the number of screens you need. To organize your apps into folders, tap and hold on any app, for approximately three seconds, then drag one app on top of the app you want to create a folder with. When you first create a folder, your phone will automatically name the folder based on what apps you've grouped together. You are able to add up to nine applications into one folder. 
  • Battery Percentage
    • It's always a nice thing to know how much battery life you have left on your device. It comes standard on the the iPhone to show a battery symbol on the top right corner of the screen, but it can be hard to know the exact battery left. If you navigate through the settings (Settings>General>Usage>Battery Percentage), you can turn on the option to show the exact battery percentage directly next to the standard battery indicator.
  • Notifications
    • A lot of the apps that you will download, will come with notifications that are automatically turned on when it is downloaded. For some apps, such as your social networking apps, you will want to keep those notifications turned on. For other apps, such as games, you may want to turn off the notifications so you're not constantly getting updates to your phone. You can modify these changes easily by by going into your settings (Settings>Notifications), and changing what you want to change. Each app comes with three different ways to notify you: Sounds, Alerts, and Badges. Each has their own option so you can keep one on while turning the other off.
So those are some quick tips that I would give to some new iPhone owners. There are many different tips and tricks that will help you do what you need more efficiently. So talk to your friends and family that you know to help you with your needs. If you need help with any specific problem that you can't get the answer to, feel free to email you and I'll do the best I can to help you!


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